About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle. I often find myself in the comfort of my kitchen. Days spent out of the kitchen somehow end up being stressful, but as soon as I get back in front of the stove, all seems well again. While it may seem that my peace comes from cooking, the truth is that my true peace comes from the Lord Jesus Christ and Him alone. However, while on earth, I do find lots of relaxation in mixing, measuring and folding.

I consider my baking natural in the sense that I avoid processed foods. However, for the sake of my wallet (and taste preferences), I consider white flour and white sugar to be lumped into the unprocessed category. Things that I try to avoid will include: high fructose corn syrup, boxed cake mixes, anything with artificial food coloring or preservatives.

For those interested in my life outside of the kitchen: I am happily married and we have 4 kids. Their names on my blog will be “The hubs”, “ShaSha”(8yo girl), “Karate Boy”(6yo boy), “Patcha Girl”(4yo girl) and “cutie boy”(2yo boy). And that about sums up my life!


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