Pass the cheese, please.

Last week we had some friends come over for dinner. I gave them Cuban food to eat and they gave me homemade cheese and orange tomatoes from their garden. That gift is more precious than gold to me.

They own a mini-farm. They have chickens, ducks, goats and a big, bountiful garden. The goats give milk and from the milk my friend made cheese. She gave us two big quarters of her cheese. One of them is seasoned with Italian spices and the other is flavored with red pepper flakes.

Let me tell you… as much as I love my brie and pepper jack, I can’t eat them by themselves. I need crackers, grapes or something. This lovely homemade cheese, however, I have been eating by the slice. Its soooo good. My kids love it, too. The spicy cheese is almost gone!

Isn’t friendship sweet? What kind of precious treasures have you given or received in the past?

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