Product Review: Log Cabin All Natural Syrup

Maple syrup is da’ bomb. Know what I’m sayin’? We LOVE maple syrup in our house. It’s basically the only thing I’ll serve with pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc. However, as much as I love it, it does happen to cost a pretty penny. We don’t have too many pretty pennies laying around these days, so on occasion I will buy Log Cabin All Natural Syrup instead.

Looking at the ingredients on syrup bottles is one of the things that gets my blood boiling in the cereal aisle. I try to avoid all artificial preservatives, but the one I despise the most is sodium benzoate. Karate kid reacts badly to it. He lacks self control and gets hyperactive beyond reason. Every normal syrup that I’ve checked has sodium benzoate in it. Log Cabin All Natural does not. Look at the few ingredients it carries:

It gives me such relief when companies offer products like this. My bottle is 22 oz and it cost me less than 6 bucks.

My family still primarily uses pure maple syrup, but when we seem to go through too much too quickly, I start relying on Log Cabin All Natural Syrup.

What do you use to top your pancakes?

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One Response to Product Review: Log Cabin All Natural Syrup

  1. mommyundone says:

    We’ve bought Log Cabin All Natural before and everyone loved it!
    I especially loved the short ingredient list, it made me feel much better about serving it to my family.

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